USAFA Cadet Exchange Program provides a broadening opportunity for 6 cadets from AFROTC to attend one term at USAFA in Fall 2018. At the same time, USAFA will select and send cadets to civilian institutions with AFROTC Detachments. This is not a one-for one exchange program. If a cadet from Det 835 is selected, it does not mean that one of the USAFA cadets will have to attend Det 835. Detachments receiving USAFA cadets are independent of selections for cadets attending USAFA. The purpose of this program is to enhance the professionalism and development of cadets from each commissioning source through a learning exchange experience. Exchange cadets will participate in all activities required of USAFA cadets, including academic classes, study groups, athletics, and leadership activities. Cadets should expect to serve in a leadership position as appointed by USAFA Cadet Wing leadership.