New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP) | AFROTC Detachment 835

New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)

Your journey as a new cadet joining our Det 835 team begins at the New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP). Students who are interested in joining AFROTC at Det 835 are highly encouraged to attend our 1-Day NCOP to begin the semester.

The orientation will help you make informed decisions about joining AFROTC and to complete enrollment processing. The sessions will be conducted in a relaxed environment and will be supervised by cadre (AFROTC faculty). Parents, guardians, and spouses are encouraged to attend.

Attire/grooming expectations:

You should wear khaki pants, dark brown or black shoes, and a dark blue polo-styled colored short-sleeve shirt. AFROTC Det 835 blue polos will be available for $15 at each NCOP.

Males - should have their haircut and not touching their ears or below their collars. Beards are NOT allowed (except for medical reasons); conservative mustaches are allowed as long as the edges do not extend beyond an imaginary vertical line on each side of the mouth's edge and below the top edge of the upper lip. Earrings are not allowed. Additional guidance will be provided at NCOP if there are any questions.

Females - hair should either be pinned up in a bun on the back of the head or if short, not touching below base of the collar. Natural hair color is appropriate with conservative makeup, if worn. Female cadets may wear small (not exceeding 6 mm in diameter) spherical, conservative (moderate, being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme) round white diamond, gold, white pearl, or silver earrings as a set. If member has multiple holes, only one set of earrings are authorized to be worn and will be worn in the lower earlobes. Earrings will match and fit tightly without extending below the earlobe unless the piece extending is the connecting band on clip earrings. For both hair and earrings, additional guidance will be provided at NCOP if there are any questions.

We will cover:​
- Air Force/Detachment 835 overview
- Commander expectations & cadet requirements
- Military obligations
- AFROTC class & Leadership Laboratory (LLAB)
- Cadet application verification

To expedite the administrative process and to ensure that your applicaiton is completed correctly, please complete the online application available at WINGS Holm Center before attending NCOP.

All cadets must turn in a current (this year) sports physical or if on scholarship, a certified DoDMERB by NCOP. Without the sports physical or certified DoDMERB, you will not be allowed to participate in physical training and will accrue abscences. Now is the time to get your sports physical completed.

Fall 2019 Date: 17 or 23 August (Must attend one)

Please eat before arriving.

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